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Founded on the principle of accessibility and a lifelong passion for learning, our team set out to build a site that would eliminate the overwhelming process of comparing e-learning courses over seemingly endless platforms. With eSelfCoach, you can rely on a single site to aggregate the very best in the latest course content along with available discounts and special offers.

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What you'll learn
  • An understanding of all key digital marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliate, Content and Email
  • How to define your target audience
  • Create paid campaigns for social and search engines
  • Create a digital strategy encompassing a variety of channels
  • Website and mobile usability best practices
  • Choose objectives and determine KPIs

Digital Marketing Course Online at Shaw Academy

Learn about different marketing channels and tactics, and understand how to apply these...

  32 lessons
What you'll learn
We believe that sharpening your Excel skills in addition to your core work skills could mean the difference between having a job, or having to look for one. This is especially true for people in Mid-level management positions…

Advanced Excel Workshop at GreyCampus

Request a quotation for the course price Microsoft Excel is an essential, ubiquitous tool...

  41 lessons
What you'll learn
  • how Fiverr works,
  • to creating your Gigs the right way with killer Descriptions, Gig Images,
  • through converting potential customers, and
  • successfully manage and deliver projects, and
  • more—you can live the lifestyle of a successful freelancer

Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller at Learn from Fiverr

It’s no secret that online freelancing is empowering millions to grow their own...

  24 lessons
What you'll learn
  •  you’ll discover Spanish also has a straightforward system of pronunciation
  • fewer irregularities than many other languages,
  • and an alphabet similar to the English one.

Learn Spanish – Start Learning Spanish Today at Rosetta Stone

3-Day Trial Free! Learn how to speak Spanish today, and for less than you think Learning...

  12 lessons
What you'll learn

What you'll learn

  • To cultivate a culture of antifragility across teams, organizations, and society
  • Integrate multi-disciplinary skills and perspectives to turn disruption into positive action
  • How to build empathy with stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • To build practical solutions that address real problems iteratively
  • To adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, skillset, and way of operating that will help you succeed in your future endeavors

Cultivating Entrepreneurship & Antifragility to Thrive in a Fast-Paced World from MIT

Cultivating Entrepreneurship & Antifragility to Thrive in a Fast-Paced World from...

What you'll learn
Python is a powerful programming language used in a variety of professions, ranging from data science to web development. It's in the top 10 for "Most Popular" and "Most Loved" technologies (according to StackOverflow's 2016 Developer Survey), making it a relatively friendly language for beginners. Learning Python will enable you to program pretty much anything.

Introduction to Python Programming at Udacity

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language,...

  13 lessons
What you'll learn

What you'll learn

  • Understanding ancient Chinese philosophy to live a better life
  • Tools for self-awareness, the power of ritual, and sensing the world around you
  • How personal actions and counteractions change the world
  • The philosophical theories of Confucius, Mozi, Mencius, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Xunzi, and Han Feizi

The Path to Happiness: What Chinese Philosophy Teaches us about the Good Life from Harvard University

Today, finding happiness is about mindfulness and discovering your true self You may have...

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

  • Apply organization and logic to your writing
  • Get your point across clearly
  • Write appropriately for your audience
  • Edit and revise your own work
  • Write with increased confidence

The Writing Process from Berkeley University

With a solid plan and time for revision, most writing tasks can be completed with ease...

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

  • Best practices for producing, shooting, and editing video on a smartphone.
  • Fundamentals of using the native camera app and other commercial apps for more controlled shooting.
  • How to develop a story for video including storyboarding techniques.
  • Best-in-class interviewing techniques.
  • Tips for choosing video locations and how to optimize lighting, and audio.
  • How to edit your video on your smartphone for quick publishing.
  • How to upload to social platforms or websites from your device.
  • The best apps to use for giving added polish to your footage and edits.
  • The secrets to creating video that resonates with your audience!

Video for Content Creators from Berkeley University

Traditional video equipment is bulky and comes at a high cost and even higher learning...

What you'll learn
  • You will be able to see yourself in a new way, and will have the steps available to help you transform yourself into the person you want to be.

A PROMISE of Personal Innovation at Udemy

The 8 tenets of Personal Innovation This course aims to help you become the person that...

  9 lessons
What you'll learn

Learning objectives

  • Define the term resilience.
  • Identify strategies for facing rejection in your day to day life.
  • Recognize the skills you can practice to increase your resilience.
  • Explore reflection strategies you can use during a situation in order to build resilience.
  • Examine five post-event resilience building strategies using real-world examples.

What, why, and how to become resilient at LinkedIn Learning

Have trouble getting by when the going gets tough Everyone wants to perform well when the...

  17 lessons
What you'll learn

Learning objectives

  • Navigating the color wheel and color vocabulary
  • Why a color's value is so important
  • RGB vs. CMYK vs. spot
  • Finding the perfect color
  • Working with grays and browns
  • Building a color palette
  • Borrowing hues for palettes
  • Establishing color hierarchies
  • Fixing color problems
  • Altering color in photos and illustrations
  • Using texture with color
  • Painting for learning and fun

Color for Design and Art at LinkedIn Learning

Color for Design and Art removes the mystery from color theory, showing artists and...

  32 lessons

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