Learn from Fiverr

Learn from Fiverr

76 Course
What you'll learn
  • Illustrator Fundamentals: Feel confident and comfortable using the core functions of this industry-standard, vector-based graphics application.
  • Advanced Illustrator: Learn how to speed up your productivity and workflow with new tools and tricks to create beautiful, modern designs.
  • Design Principles: Learn how a simple shape can be enhanced to become an intricate illustration and use expert techniques to add your own style to any design.

Adobe Illustrator: From Beginner To Expert at Learn from Fiverr

What you'll learn
  • Photoshop Fundamentals: Go from zero to hero as you become proficient in all-things Photoshop.
  • Product Retouching: Turn your product photos from ‘okay’ to ‘wow!’ with advanced retouching techniques.
  • Color Grading: Learn how to color and tone any photograph and establish your signature edit style.
  • Photo Manipulation: Capture your audience’s attention with exquisitely edited photo manipulations that are guaranteed to turn heads and get likes.

Adobe Photoshop at Learn from Fiverr

What you'll learn
  • Foundations of a Powerful Brand: Learn about the research that goes into masterminding a new brand, how to formulate a mission and values and implement a creative strategy.
  • Creating an Identity System: Identifying and perfecting each part of a brand identity including your brand voice, imagery, color palette, typography and pattern.
  • Symbols and Abstraction: Designing and utilizing symbols that tell a cohesive brand story to ensure that a brand is immediately recognizable and relatable.
  • Logo Design: Cover every part of making memorable logos from ideation and decoding a brief to using Illustrator to design symbols, monograms, refine sketches and create vectors.
  • Hand Lettering: Examine letterforms, create moodboards, concept sketches and roughs - everything that goes into hand drawing an eye-catching logo.
  • Working with Clients: Learn how to speak about your brand with confidence and ease, get to know your client, make an impressive final delivery and handle feedback professionally.

Logo & Brand Identity For Designers at Learn from Fiverr

What you'll learn
  • Photoshop Fundamentals & Mastery: Go from zero to hero as you become proficient in all-things Product retouching, color grading and manipulation.
  • Illustrator Fundamentals & Mastery: Cover everything from basic drawing, using brushes and fonts, masking and exporting to advanced productivity and workflow techniques.
  • InDesign Fundamentals & Mastery: Create expert designs to elevate your brand’s visual content and hone your skills with advanced design theory and practice.
  • After Effects Fundamentals: Enhance your videos with motion graphics and visual effects
  • Premiere Pro Fundamentals: Navigate Premiere like a pro with video editing skills from essential to advanced techniques
  • Lightroom Fundamentals: Learn how to use lightroom for all of your basic photo adjustments and move on to more advanced features to level-up your images.
  • XD Fundamentals: Build on your UX/UI Design skills with basic to advanced XD skills that will take you from beginner to professional designer.

Become An Adobe Creative Cloud Expert: Ps, Id, Ae, Pr, Lr, Xd at Learn from Fiverr

What you'll learn
  • How to know which tool or tools to use in different scenarios
  • How to use a range of tools to remove objects and reflections from a photograph
  • How to use the brush, spot healing brush, healing brush, patch and clone stamp tools
  • How to use fill and content aware fill features

Removing Anything In Photoshop at Learn from Fiverr

  22 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to organize your images using collections, ratings, flags, filters and face tags
  • How to crop and rotate your images as well as correct white balance, exposure, color and saturation
  • How to work with sharpening, noise reduction, lens corrections and and split tones
  • How to apply graduated, radial and brush adjustments and work with range masks
  • How to fix blemishes, whiten teeth, enhance enhance eyes, change eye color and lipstick, contour faces, remove wrinkles and smooth skin
  • How to edit in different styles including night edits, portraits, products, nature, action, landscape, travel, architecture, aerial and much more!

Adobe Lightroom Classic Fundamentals at Learn from Fiverr

  57 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to stabilize shaky video with just a few clicks
  • How to sync your footage on the Timeline, add b roll footage to your edit, adjust clip size and position and use the auto reframe function.
  • How to edit down an interview and narrative sequence
  • How to create a custom blur transition and tackle common transition challenges
  • How to animate your title cards, save titles as preset graphics and underline and rename shape layers
  • How to work with audio including adjusting levels, audio channels, equalization, effects, fixing bad audio and removing noise, echo and reverb
  • How to use the Lumetri Color Panel features to fix white balance, match exposure, HDL secondary, apply vignettes, add color effects and perform selective grading
  • How to add motion to title graphics and the Ken Burns effect to photographs
  • How to export high quality, small file size videos and full resolution videos
  • Advanced skills like how to use Lumetri Color presets, make footage more cinematic, capture stills from video and remove grain from clips

Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals at Learn from Fiverr

  85 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to position, scale and rotate animations and make animations look more natural
  • How to use the graph editor and add layer styles like drop shadow, bevel and gradients
  • How to work with shape effects such as trim path animations, wiggle and zig zag
  • How to preview and favorite fonts, use content aware fill, create motion graphic templates and reverse complicated animations
  • How to master colorful transitions, text bubble animations and logo reveals
  • How to remove greenscreen backgrounds and add motion to a still image
  • How to use the rotoscope tool, clean up edges for 3D animations and professional screen replacements
  • Expert workflow tips, how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro and the basics of expressions

Adobe After Effects Fundamentals at Learn from Fiverr

  90 lessons
What you'll learn
  • how to create text animation
  • fundamentals and understanding of animation
  • Using the principles of animation, such as squash & stretch, as well as the laws of physics
  •  how to make animation
  • learning why and when to use certain techniques, and not just how to use them

How To Bring Your Text To Life In After Effects at Learn from Fiverr

  14 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to master color and tone in Adobe Photoshop
  • How to use the color wheel and color picker in Photoshop with confidence
  • How to use tools such as levels, curves, vibrance, hue and saturation, channel mixer, photo filters, gradient maps, color balance, blending modes and much more.
  • How to color tone with adjustment layers, fill layers, black & white and sepia effects.

How To Get The Perfect Color In Photoshop at Learn from Fiverr

  34 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to expand text boxes, split and spin columns, make arrows and draw flowers
  • How to adjust your workspace for maximum efficiency and flow
  • How to use Typekit and OpenType’s special features and where to get free fonts
  • How to access free icons using Adobe Market
  • How to use color modes, find and import colors and use setting default colors
  • How to auto-expand text boxes, use placeholder text alternatives, add paragraph borders and shading and make paragraphs span 2 columns
  • How to master justification, hyphenation options, advanced anchored objects and conditional text
  • How to create interactive, button-triggered animations and QR codes

Adobe InDesign Mastery at Learn from Fiverr

  72 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to choose and use fonts like a professional
  • How to resize, adjust and crop images and work with color
  • The differences between InDesign, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark
  • InDesign terminology and basic features to get started with your first project
  • How to import, resize, rotate and flip images and logos and opacity and transparency
  • How to share your inDesign files by using package document
  • How to use TypeKit and Master Page in Adobe InDesign, add page numbering, remove parts of a master page and add bullets, numbers and tables to your designs
  • All about effective PPI and Image resolution to ensure the best quality possible
  • How to import large amounts of text and paragraph styles into InDesign

Adobe InDesign Fundamentals at Learn from Fiverr

  77 lessons