18 Course
What you'll learn
So grab your sticks and learn how to refine your technique and groove using some of these classic beats! By the end of your course you will have greatly expanded your vocabulary of beats and improved your feel. So without further ado, let's crack on and get involved.

Iconic Drum Breaks, vol.1 with Max Sedgley at MusicGurus

  19 lessons
What you'll learn
John will show you in detail how to use Session and Arrange views in Ableton Live and then walk you through the mixing and mastering of the track:
  • Understanding Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release
  • EQ'ing with EQ Eight
  • Adding reverb using a send/return configuration
  • Adding Compression with a variety of compressors (including Glue Compressor device for rhythm parts)

Creative Sampling & Production in Ableton Live with John Watson at MusicGurus

  14 lessons
What you'll learn
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced mix engineer this course is for you. Nothing beats sitting next to a seasoned pro, watching him work his magic to lift a song and make a slamming pop track. Please note that this course no longer includes personal feedback, which has been reflected in the pricing.

Mixing Commercial Pop Music with Goetz Botzenhardt by MusicGurus

  23 lessons
What you'll learn
In detail, Mark looks at different setups:
  • ways to augment hardware: taking hardware instruments and effects processors such as TR-09, MikroKorg, Dreadbox Hades, Kaoss Pad 3 and adding extra features to them using midi controllers
  • ways of augmenting software: taking software instruments such as D16 Group's Drumazon VST and unlocking extra facilities and control using hardware
  • new & creative ways of using these hybrid hardware/software instruments, including a crazy setup with a Microsoft Kinect to track movement, an old Yamaha Keytar (!) and a mono synth.

Augmenting Ableton Live: The ultimate guide to using external devices with Mark Burnett at MusicGurus

  24 lessons
What you'll learn
John Saunderson, (now former) head of A&R for Notting Hill, is your guide on a unique online development programme that prepares budding songwriters for a job as a professional songwriter. You'll have the unique opportunity to:
  • Learn about the industry and how it works from John and his artists
  • Respond to a genuine song-writing brief
  • Learn how to present yourself to publishers and how to write a one-sheet

Write Songs Like a Pro and Get Published with John Saunderson by MusicGurus

  16 lessons
What you'll learn
I've also packed this Ableton Live course with some handy Audio and MIDI Effect Racks. The 10 Effect Racks will help you add character, clean up mixes, do rudimentary mastering, create drum fills and glitch sounds, as well as emulate things like the MPC's famous note repeat. They come in a separate Ableton set and can easily be saved to your library for use in any project. (These devices require Ableton Live 9). Good luck, I know this course will get you to the next level in your live performances and musical journey.

Live Performance in Ableton Live with AfroDJMac at MusicGurus

  29 lessons
What you'll learn
Titles include:
  • OPEN G TUNING (part 1) - My Black Mama, Banty Rooster, Dry Spell Blues, High Sheriff Blues, County Farm Blues, Someday Baby Blues, Roll & Tumble Blues, Kokomo Blues.
  • OPEN D TUNING (click here to view part 2) - Wake Up Mama, John Henry, You Got To Move, Tell Me Baby, Spoonful, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, God Moves On The Water, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning, Roll and Tumble Blues, Guitar Rag

Bottleneck Blues Guitar (part 1) with Stefan Grossman at MusicGurus

  32 lessons
What you'll learn
In this course, you'll learn to:
  • define your brand as a music artist
  • find out who your fans are and build an online database
  • create a release plan for your music and a social media campaign
  • understand how to work with distributors, managers, promoters and pluggers
  • learn how to make money from brand partnerships and synch deals and where to find them

Where’s The Money? Exploring revenue streams for artists with Tileyard Education and The FAC at MusicGurus

  21 lessons
What you'll learn
This course is a direct and to-the-point online course, teaching you how to sound better than before, in JUST 30 DAYS. This will be your roadmap, showing you EXACTLY what to do, and when. Learn important singing concepts like body alignment, tongue positions, vocal exercises, vowel modifications, and much more

30 Days To A Better Singing Voice with Adam Mishan at MusicGurus

  45 lessons
What you'll learn
In this exciting masterclass, Julia will help you learn how to play her favourite four pieces from Tchaikovsky's cycle of "The Seasons":
  • March: Song of the Lark (G minor)
  • April: Snowdrop (B-flat major)
  • June: Barcarolle (G minor)
  • October: Autumn Song (D minor)

Perform Tchaikovsky’s “The Seasons” – March, April, June, October with Julia Zilberquit at MusicGurus

  27 lessons
What you'll learn
The course covers creative ensemble improvisation: taking away reportoire, these lessons show teachers how to use solo and group improvisation techniques to enable young musicians to experience the joy and magic of performing together as a small ensemble for the first time

Building creative small ensembles with Pro Corda at MusicGurus

  8 lessons
What you'll learn
If applied correctly these insights and exercises can radically improve tone production on any bowed string instrument, including baroque instruments. Yet they are so simple that any string musician can benefit from them. This course covers Part 1 (Knowing your instrument), of Simon's DVD, which focusses on understanding precisely how the bow and bow-hair interact with the strings and instrument-body to produce sound, and how you can harness this knowledge to greatly improve your tone.

The Secrets of Tone Production Part 1: Knowing your Instrument with Simon Fischer at MusicGurus

  11 lessons